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LES AMIS DU VILLAGE BEAUREPAIRE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster a well-balanced, connected and vibrant community here in Beaurepaire. We strongly believe that when we all work together on these goals, we can help create a superior quality of life for residents. We are most proud of our popular Beau Farmer’s market, Shop Local efforts, Golden Mile cross-country ski trails, scavenger hunts and various other activities and programs that we have created in and around the village, from waterfront yoga and skating parties to BeauConnexion. In all these we have combined a little volunteer muscle with support of some of our amazing village merchants and the City of Beaconsfield.

By becoming a member, you are helping us fund all the above community activities and the many more that are to come. In addition, you are signalling support for our mission and adding weight to our discussions with the city, merchants and others. On top of that, as part of your membership, you will receive a GO2Beau discount card which will provide you with various discounts and value-adds at participating merchants in the village.


Visit our page and stay up to date with the Village events!

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