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In Beaurepaire Village, our mission is to create a better everyday shopping experience for our local residents and visitors. Offering a wide range of well established, independent businesses paired with personalized service that will leave the consumer satisfied and eager to return.



"Thank you for taking the time to learn about the merchants, professionals and services offered in your village and for considering shopping local first. I believe that a strong and colorful village is at the heart of all great communities. It is the center where social and commercial interests can converge to create an experience that becomes part of a town’s identity. I believe we can create something truly special here...something that blends the traditions of the past with the needs of the now and an eye to the future. Weaving them together, we create a village that becomes more than just the sum of its parts, but an experience to be shared by all."


The Beaurepaire Village Merchant’s Association was officially launched in 1990 by local merchants in order to promote small businesses in our community and to represent their interests at City Hall. Over the years the association has organized many events that developed the spirit of the community by bringing friends and family together in our village. Summer and Winter festivals, the Beaconsfield Centennial Celebration and the beloved Artisan fair are among the highlights that stand out in our memories. In 2003 our village went through a major revitalization project known as "Rue Principale" thanks to a large investment on the part of the City of Beaconsfield and the Quebec government, helping shape the village we know and love today. The Village Merchant’s Association is once again making improvements with the launch of and our shop local initiative encouraging a fully engaged relationship between our surrounding community and the village that is its heart and soul.

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